We are UNIX experts

We have been working with various flavours of UNIX for nearly 20 years, including SCO Xenix, 4.2BSD, SCO OpenServer (System V release 3), SCO UnixWare (System V release 4), Linux (all Intel), and Sun Solaris (SPARC). We have experience of systems administration, application development, kernel development including device drivers, network programming (TCP/IP and sockets), system and network performance tuning, and crash dump analysis.

Peter Kettle is the co-author of Writing Device Drivers for SCO UNIX (ISBN 0-201-54425-3) and has developed technical training curriculum for Shell, Awk, C Programming, Systems Programming, UNIX Internals, and UNIX Device Drivers. This has been to delivered to customers throughout Europe, Africa, and North America. He has also written several whitepapers and delivered instructional videos showing how to configure an SCO UnixWare server as an Internet and Email gateway.

Unix and C in action

Recent projects include porting a database server daemon on a Sun Solaris server from a legacy Document Handler Interface to OpenAPI (OpenText, Basis RDBMS), preserving the original client ABI. Approximately 50,000 lines of C were recoded, including redesign and/or improvement of many of the underlying algorithms and implementation of new features including a stopwatch facility for performance measurement.

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UNIX and C